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Mind Your Mood

I came up with Mind Your Mood in September 2018, as I was continuing to learn the importance of being more compassionate and caring towards self.  When we are going through a tough time mentally, it can be challenging to not get caught up in our heads. Judging ourselves. These steps showed me how I can support myself in a way that helps, heals and moves me forward in life. By sharing I hope it can help others too.

When I talk about minding your mood, I mean it in the sense that –

  1. Whatever we are feeling, especially when we are experiencing negative emotions, that we give ourselves the care and compassion that we deserve in that moment.
  2. That we consider our lifestyle as a way of minding our mood, in the physical sense, through our environment. Struggling to feel whole and generally okay, is even more challenging if trying to build on a shaky foundation. 

Emotional/Mental Support

It took me a long time to accept, understand and grow through the importance of negative emotions. The typical responses that can circulate are: Negative emotions are bad. It could be worse. Just get over it. Don’t be negative. On a whole, invalidating a persons experience. We are not our emotions. Separate you from them. Making someone feel bad for feeling negative emotions can lead to shame and guilt. It can silence a person. Talking about them with my Therapist over the years gave me a greater perspective. Dive in and find the jewel. Feel it and free you. The way we think about our thoughts is what’s harmful. You can be an optimistic, joyful, living your best life person and still experience negativity.

An automatic response can be to push away negative emotions and not allow ourselves to feel them. Sadness, worry, fear, anxiety, despair, doubt, guilt, shame, frustration, anger etc. However, having a range of emotional experiences help us to adapt better to our environment mentally and physically. It can be difficult to learn from negative emotions because we often tend to try and suppress them consciously/subconsciously. However, you lose valuable data about your experience of that emotion. We are made up of positivity and negativity. We all have duality. Its when we try to amputate a part of us, that can leave us feeling fragmented, oppressed and lead to anxiety, depression and more. Losing our true nature.

Learning about these emotions. Listening to them. Feeling them. Expressing them. Becoming curious as to why they are there, helps to prevent them building up and storing in our cells. The longer we try to suppress or ignore the more pain we cause ourselves.

Physical Support:

The second part is our daily lives and our environment. 

When its your mind that is in pain, it can be challenging to muster up the energy to do the things that we know make us feel better.  If our self-esteem and self-worth is impacted, then the thoughts to nurture and take care of ourselves might not even exist. When we struggle with our emotional health, its not just an attitude and thought pattern that is at play. Our nervous system is kept in equilibrium and at its most optimal through incorporating methods that support our mental, emotional and physical health.

To keep us well the following play a key role:

Quality Sleep.

Nourishing Foods.

Physical Movement.

Human Connection.

Time out.


On a whole:

When our environments external to us are chaotic and uncertain, it can leave us feeling very vulnerable inside. Embracing and expressing all our emotions makes us not judge any of them. We let them come and go.

When it comes to our emotions we don’t need to live there, dwell or ruminate. However getting an understanding of its roots does give you context to change it, grow through it and not feel ashamed for feeling that way. 

Only you know the depths of what you are going through. Don’t give judgement on yourself without trying to understand your own perspective.

Creating your own path to being well, whole and happy has its challenges, but you can’t go wrong. How life feels is more important then how it looks.

The mind is the most delicate and sensitive instrument in creation. So lets mind it.



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